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Junior League Info

Greater Kingston Junior Recreational League

Revised: December 2021


To aid in the development of junior curlers and to promote the sport of curling by providing an additional option to regular junior curling programs.


The Junior League is funded by the Greater Kingston Curling Junior Lottery Fund.

Team Make-Up:

Teams will be comprised of more experienced players at Vice and Skip, and less experienced players at lead and second. Competitive players are welcomed but there is the need to stress the spirit of friendly and balanced competition within the league.

Teams may be comprised of all girls, all boys or any combination of boys and girls up to a 5-man team. Each player or spare must be registered and actively participating in his/her junior program.

Spares: it is not necessary for team participants to be the same for each game. Teams are encouraged to use a spare of similar ability to the one being replaced. Games can occur with 3 players, but this is not encouraged.


Cancellation: If a game must be cancelled due to one team not being able to attend, the forfeiting team must call their club junior representative as soon as possible so the opposition can be notified.



Teams are encouraged to have matching jackets/sweaters


  • The League will consist of a Round Robin series of games

  • Upon completion of the round robin a playoff bonspiel will occur.

  • At the end of the season if there are ties for positions the head-to-head record will be utilized to break the tie. If there is still a tie the team names will go into a draw to determine placement.


Playoff Bonspiel:
  • Playoff Bonspiel will be a 1 day event.

  • Location to be based on accommodation of all teams and availability of ice.

  • Bonspiel format: a points spiel (points for win, and tie)


Game Rules:
  • Coin toss for last rock/colour

  • No practice before the games

  • Game Length: 6 end games/2-hour time limit

  • In the case of a tie during the regular season, the tie will be broken by a draw to the button with sweepers.

  • Any member of the team may be the designated thrower: opposition cannot sweep behind the tee line during the draw to the button.

  • No coaching or time outs permitted

  • Teams can concede at any time.


Host Club Responsibility:
  • Each club is asked to support the league by providing ice time.

  • Ice will be freshly maintained prior to the commencement of the game(s)

  • Officiating: The host club will identify one person to be the “official” in case a ruling is required. This person’s decision is final.

  • The host official will announce the “official start time”.

  • Rules of the League should be posted at each participating clubs and must be accessible on the day of the competition.

  • Scoring: The host club will provide the convenor of the league with game results by email on the day of the event.


Coaches/ Adult Supervision:
  • Coaches are expected to participate by role modelling ethics and fair play

  • Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children

  • Unless a team coach has been specified and is willing to take on the responsibility, each curler must have a designated adult at the club for the duration of the event.


Player and Spectator Conduct:

Curlers, Coaches and Spectators must recognize that this curling league is one that will be inclusive to all and is designed for improving curling skills and understanding through participation.

Comments should be complimentary.

The GKC league will not tolerate

  • Poor behaviour on the ice (broom slamming, rock kicking or other disruptive behaviour)

  • Physical harm to another individual

  • Malicious or offensive teasing

  • The use of inappropriate language

  • Stealing or the intentional vandalism of material and/or property at any of the GKC Clubs.

Curlers understand that any violation of the “Zero Tolerance for Bullying and Inappropriate Behaviour Policy” of the Ontario Curling Association (CurlON “Abuse Policy”) will result in their privileges being reduced or revoked.

Parents/ Guardians of GKC Curlers understand that if their curler fails to comply with the above terms and conditions, he/she may be removed from the GKC Junior League

Spectators/Parents understand that

  • The league is designed to allow all participants to gain skill and understanding through participation

  • Each participant is improving and learning the game

Failure to comply to the above terms and conditions, he/she may be removed from the hosting club.

Curlers will have completed at their home clubs

  • CurlON (Curling Ontario) Risk assessment forms.

  • Rowans Law Concussion Awareness


2021-2022 Season Covid Protocol
  • Everyone entering the host club will be required to wear a mask.

  • Curlers and coaches will always wear a mask.

  • Children 12 and over must show proof of vaccination and children 5 – 11 years of age must show proof of one dose of COVID-19 vaccine as of February 1st, 2022.

  • Parents must show proof of full vaccination to enter building

  • Social distancing required.

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