Junior League Info

Greater Kingston Curling Association Junior League

League Structure

To aid in the development of junior curlers and to promote the sport of curling by providing an additional option to regular junior curling programs.

All clubs have agreed to provide the league with ice usage at no charge.


  • The league will consist of a round robin series of games.
  • Upon completion of the round robin a playoff will occur with a bonspiel or a simple A and B pool (based on 8 teams), if 12 teams are involved a simple A, B and C pool would be used for playoffs.
  • At end of season if there are ties for positions the head to head record will be utilized to break the tie. If there is still a tie for positions the team names will go into a draw to determine placement.


Team Make-Up

  • Teams will be comprised of “club rated” curlers which means that the better players are back end players and the new less experienced players are front end players. It is important to note that “competitive players” are welcomed and encouraged to play within the league however competitive teams cannot be entered as it goes against the spirit of friendly and balanced competition within the league.
  • Teams may be comprised of all boys, all girls or any combination of boys and girls.
  • Players / teams must be committed to showing up for the games. There is nothing worse than one team showing up and the other team is not ready to play or do not have enough players.
  • Spares: It is not necessary for team participants to be the same for each game. For a variety of reasons a spare may be required to fill in for a player. Teams are encouraged to substitute this player with a player of similar ability however games can occur with three players but this is strongly discouraged. Each player or spare must be registered and actively participating in his or her own club’s junior program.


  • Teams are encouraged and should have matching jackets or sweaters.


Coaches are encouraged to participate by role modeling ethics and fair play. Each team is required to have at least one parent representative on site during the games.


Game Rules

  • Players must have FUN!
  • No practice before games.
  • Game Length (amended Nov. 23, 2013)
    • Regular Season: 8 end games, with the last end requiring that it starts before the 1 hour and 50 minute mark from the identified start time. Games finishing 8 ends or games playing less than 8 ends that are tied will have a draw to button / in play to determine the winning team.
    • Playoffs: 8 end games plus full extra ends if required.
  • Flip for last rock / colour.
  • Regular season – If a game is tied after 8 ends then one extra end will be played back towards the glass. If the game is still tied, the skip(s) will have a draw to the button to determine the winner.
  • No on ice coaching permitted or time outs.
  • Behavior – at all times players will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Any player determined to be broom slamming, rock kicking, exhibiting foul language etc. will be removed, as deemed necessary, by the host club official from the remainder of the game and potentially removed from the league.

Host Club Responsibility

  • Ice will be freshly maintained prior to the commencement of the game(s).
  • Officiating: The host club will identify one person to be the official in case a ruling is required. This person’s decision will be final.
  • The host official will announce the “official start time” and announce the time that the 1 hour and 50 minute time rule would occur. (Amended Nov.23, 2013)
  • Rules of the League should be posted at each participating club and must be accessible on the day of competition at the respective club. (Amended Nov.23, 2013)
  • Scoring: The host club will provide the convener of the league the weekly results by email.


Player Conduct

Zero Tolerance for Bullying & Inappropriate Behaviour Policy:

The curling environment is one that will be inclusive and fun for all children. The GKC Junior Curling League will not tolerate:

  • Poor Behaviour on the ice that may include broom slamming or rock kicking
  • Physical harm of another individual
  • Malicious and offensive teasing
  • The use of abusive, vulgar and inappropriate language
  • Stealing or the intentional vandalism of materials and/or property at any of the GKC clubs




I understand and will abide by the Curl Kingston (GKC) rules. I understand that any violation of the Zero Tolerance for Bullying & Inappropriate Behaviour Policy will result in the following actions (1) my privileges may be reduced and/or revoked. (2) I may be removed from the Junior Curling Program at my club.

Full Name             ___________________________

Signature              ___________________________

Date                         ___________________________


Parent / Guardian

As the parent or guardian of the above named curler, I have read and understand the GKC terms and conditions. I understand that if the above-mentioned curler fails to comply with the above terms and conditions, he/she may be removed from the GKC Junior Curling League and that he/she may be removed from his/her curling club without monetary reimbursement.

Full Name             ___________________________

Signature              ___________________________

Date                         ___________________________


GKC Junior Curling League Spectator & Coaches Behaviour Policy

The curling environment is one that will be inclusive and fun for all children. To further this environment the GKC Junior Curling League mandates that each participating child signs a Zero Tolerance for Bullying & Inappropriate Behaviour Policy. The junior curlers are playing for enjoyment and as a spectator or as a coach we expect each of you to model good behaviour and sportsmanship.

Spectators and Coaches must understand that individual players and teams comprise players of various skill levels.

  • The league is designed to allow all participants to gain skill and understanding through participation.
  • Each and every participant is improving and learning the game each and every game.
  • As a result of the learning environment and the nature of the league good shots for any teams should be praised and the inevitable challenges for the new players will be accepted by participants, spectators, and coaches with a smile!


Comments by spectators or coaches about players and teams should be complimentary and not malicious. If you witness any misconduct please speak with the Host Official who will manage the situation appropriately. Any misconduct will be logged and if determined by the GKCA Junior Curling representatives the offending person and participant associated with the offending person may be removed from future participation in the GKCA junior curling league.