Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement:

Oct 23, 2011

Greater Kingston Curling (GKACA)

Terms of Agreement


Mission Statement

Greater Kingston Curling is committed to promoting curling in the Greater Kingston Area by:

  • Attracting, promoting and hosting national, provincial and regional curling event championships.
  • Promoting the development of the sport of curling and to generate greater interest, awareness, participation, membership and enjoyment of the sport.
  • Facilitating bonspiel events, competitions, education programs, youth curling programs, coaching, and training opportunities.

Non-Profit Organization

The Association shall be administered by a Board of Directors that is entirely volunteer governed.   The Association’s structure is that of a Non-profit Organization.

Member Clubs

Greater Kingston Curling is comprised of the following Member Clubs: Royal Kingston Curling Club, Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, Napanee & District Curling Club, Garrison Curling Club and Gananoque Curling Club.

Conditions of Membership

  1. Representatives of each of the Member Clubs shall sign a letter committing to following these Terms of Agreement which will bind the Association together;
  2. A Member Club must be a member in good standing of the Ontario Curling Association; and
  3. Each Member Club will contribute an initial start-up fee of $200.


Any Member Club may resign its membership in the Association upon providing thirty days written notice of resignation to the Board of Directors.

It is specially provided that in the event of dissolution or winding-up of the Association, all of its remaining assets after payment of its liabilities, shall be distributed to “Curling Canada Foundation – Youth Programs, specifically to be directed to junior curling support at all of the member curling clubs of Greater Kingston Area Curling Association”, upon approval from the lottery licensing authority.

Club Representatives/Directors of the Board

Each Member Club in the Association shall appoint 2 members to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association. The appointed Representatives must be members in good standing of their respective Member Club. Each Member Club will therefore have two Representatives participating at the Association meetings. These Representatives shall be called the Directors of the Board

Voting Rights

Each of the Member Clubs is entitled to one vote per Member Club either in person or by proxy appointed in writing. A clear majority is required to pass any voting matters.


The Board shall have full power and authority to manage and control the affairs and business of the Association.


Representatives from all Member Clubs less a representative from one Member Club must be present in person at a meeting in order to constitute a quorum.

Where both appointed representatives from a Member Club are not available for a meeting they are encouraged to send an alternate who can vote on behalf of the Member Club.


All matters and questions arising at any meeting of the Board shall be decided by a majority of votes. If neither of the two representatives from a Member Club can attend nor does an alternate attend a meeting a proxy in writing can be used.

President and Vice President

The Board of Directors shall elect a President and Vice President from within the Association’s Representatives. This position shall be called the Chair of the Board. The term for this position shall be two years. At the end of each two year term the Board shall elect a new Vice President and the current Vice President shall move into the position of President. The Vice President shall be called the Vice Chair of the Board.

Secretary and Financial Auditor

The Board shall appoint a Secretary and/or Treasurer from its members for a two year term.

Non Debt Clause

No Director or Member Club shall be liable for any debt loss or expense happening to the Association.

Development Fund

The Board of Directors shall determine the allocation of any monies raised by the Association from the hosting of competitions (i.e. The Scotties, The Brier or any other national, provincial, regional or local curling event) or any other fundraising initiatives. The Board must first determine an appropriate amount to be retained for ongoing business expenses. The Board shall then determine an amount to be retained in a Development Fund for future initiatives. All remaining funds will be distributed equally to the Member Clubs. The monies passed on to Member Club will be done in good faith that the monies distributed will be put towards the mission statement of the Greater Kingston Curling Association.

Bank Account

The Association shall set up a bank account at a local bank in the form of a Non-profit Organisation or community account. The Signing officers will be 2 of President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer